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2020 yea...

Hello everyone, don't want to get too lengthy but there's a lot that has happened and I wanted to (try) and put somethings down because it's been a while.

Firstly, regarding the COVID-19 situation, at this moment, it is a completely different feeling to be in a band at this time. More on that, it's a different feeling of being alive. We are at caution around every corner and some have fallen into panic. Many of us are without work and staying home to reduce spread of infection and there are some that are still working keeping essential businesses operating. Thank you to all the essential workers and especially to the workers in the health industry fighting and witnessing this virus take it's toll on humanity.

With all that is happening and bars, restaurants and clubs closed down, there is no place to perform, no stage to recreate our rehearsed tunes and this is a HUGE bummer. Fortunately, the art form we present isn't strictly limited to live performance. There have been some amazing creators out there utilizing streaming platforms to host "livestream" shows. However, such feelings of catharsis are rarely found in other settings and there are few better sounds then a crowd of people responding enthusiastically to your presentation of art. That being said, we are definitely exploring possibilities. I personally hope things can return to a safe "normal" but I can't foresee when.

Now, for the MEAT.

The Atlantis Theorem is done with their second album! We are piecing everything together and will finalize a product that will truly be one of our largest accomplishments and one that I will hold in the category of my accolades for a long time.

It has spanned 2 years and have involved 22 different people to create this massive project that really has reinforced my love for the City of Minneapolis, It's community, and all of the amazing artists that call this place home.

I don't want to give too many details but there are inklings of a single being released this week! This one is very special to us and we can't wait to share it.

I hope everyone is trying to stay positive and safe amidst this troubling situation and I truly hope that we can be on a stage to perform these songs for you soon.

All the love I have.


P.S here are some images from the cover shoot we did.

Yea people threw paint at us.

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