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Pré Tell 04/27/19

Hello again! Good to write this again. It has been a while but we're back in the saddle again with a stellar line up come this Saturday. For those of you catching on a one off, this is a mini blog I write about bands I get to perform with! Stoked, okay, let's get into it!

First (in no particular order) we'll talk about Time Keeper. This band has been around for at least couple of years. I remember the first time I heard about this band I began the search and it brought me to #fuck Youtube™ The song is titled "Veridian" and the scene is at what appears to be at a Buddhist monastery. <= Please correct me if wrong!) The imagery is truly bewildering but then the tranquil charming melody of the track starts. Lifted up with a nice hook and dropped into a frenzy of bobbin and boopin to those chugs like a mad man.

Next up and first up on Saturday is GRYZOR and this is the perfect band to start the night. The first track I heard is a track called "Atrocity" dope uptempo trash with riffage for flavor. Sick dual guitar harmonies really providing driving elements and that uptempo punk beat to get em all running into walls. Hell yes. I remembered (maybe) when this band played at Club Underground for the Atomic Lights CD release/Kurts B-day. Ha what a night...

Following up with the band Digital Homicide. I had never heard this band before and loaded up their Self-Titled album. Luckily, it was available on BandCamp. First track titled "Kraken" hits with heavy down tuned, up tempo metal with a cool riffs from the guitars and a great head bangin tempo. Next track on that self titled jam starts with a sick down tempo riff and blasts the roof with rock n roll. Can't wait to see live!

Finally and to end out the night. Hailing Andromeda hot poppin' fresh off of a stellar EP release. I remember when I first met this band. We put together a house show in Dinky Town MN and they slayyyed it, I was blown away by this band and this was many years ago. Now when I see them, it fries that part of my brain that controls my depth perception and I end up going cross-eyed. Their EP is available and it's worth a listen. I'm picking up a copy on Saturday without a doubt.. If I can see the table.

SHOW STARTS AT 8! Please get there for all the bands if you can : ]


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