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"Pré Tell" Paperhouse 02-24-19

Hello everyone! Welcome!

My name is Ben Tosel and I've had the pleasure of being a performing drummer in the Twin Cities for nearly twenty years. I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and currently play in two bands here. In an interest in a writing outlet and a passionate love for the local music scene in my city, I wanted to start a (hopefully) consistent blog series called Pré Tell where I'll do quick write-ups on groups that I will be performing with!

This Sunday will be an amazing show with a stacked lineup all packed into the well known house venue, the Paperhouse. I've only played the Paperhouse once but have played house venues, this one certainly holds a special charm within that surprisingly well-suited basement room and stage.

(in no particular order)

I want to start with Vermillion Heights who are currently on tour! Killin it!

Their music presence is not something to sleep on. The first track "Long Nights" off of their self-titled EP hits with a sweet riff right away, paired with that magic tempo that certainly got my head bobbin'! Next track "Front Porches" was a single that's up on their FB as a video of some sweet tour footage backed by catchy open riffs that gave me chills.

Can't wait to see these dudes live.

Next up is Accent. I've known of this band for a while. They released a freaking solid EP in 2017. I recommend checking these dudes out. There's something for everyone, cool catchy riffs, perfectly gritty vocals, down tempo jams. Just a well-sized fist of pop-punk that's furiously being thrust into the air.

Now, I'll talk about Partition. I had never heard of this band before getting booked on this show but the first track of the live recordings got me. Starting with this evident dissonant dread. Really cool mid tempo riff that I'm almost inclined to call "evil 80's rock". It had a twist that I really liked though. They sped it up and I found myself violently bashing my keyboard at the pace of a hardcore riff.

The opener will be a solo-acoustic performance by David James Janecke who you can find on bandcamp under the handle D. Janakey. The Ep that's up there is chalk full of some sweet double pickin' riffs, some of which are a true mark of his talent paired with smooth somber melodies that settle right into your soul.

Lastly I'll talk about Careful Gaze, who I saw first under the name "Hunter Dumped Us Here" I was struck mainly by their poise on stage. Every note, movement, action seemed with such purpose, and with music that moved me in such a way that I felt no resistance to the transition. As frontman, Gabe Reasoner stated when asked what to expect with their performance, he said: "the intensity of a post-hardcore show with an indy rock shell".

Since that debut, I have followed this group and have had the pleasure of hearing newer music from them with the release of "Wolf" later last year and new music on the way that I've heard from recent performances. You, without a doubt, should see this group.

Bandcamps for all the bands playing:

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading!

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